Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Fun!

I have been up to lots of F-U-N things. Here is the low down.....

My friend Michael came up to Utah for a few weeks. We have been playing tons. Here are some things that we have done:

1. Hiking (tons of it). We hiked to Horsetail falls in Alpine. We hiked up Little Cottonwood canyon. We went backpacking in Southern-ish Utah (Fishlake area). [That was an experience. Without going into gory details.... I had new hiking boots (feet don't like new boots), we ran into TONS of melting snow, no fuel for our camp stoves, getting lost, mosquitoes, marshland etc. It was an adventure and I loved every minute of it. Well, mostly loved it. Maybe besides being lost for four hours.]

2. We went on a bike ride or two.... and a scooter ride up AF canyon. The scooter maybe went 15 miles an hour. It was awesome. Had a little picnic at Tible Fork. Can I tell you that I LOVE the weather here?! It's the best. You can actually go outside in the summer and play.

3. Movies. Hulk was pretty good (we got to see it with two of my BFFs in the world). Get Smart was Ok. I liked Hulk better, I think. Although, Get Smart was entertaining....I felt like they put all of the funny parts in the trailers.

4. I bought a sweet new bike from (I have come to really love REI. We went there like 10 times in the past few weeks. Apparently, we couldn't get enough of it's goodness) Check out this baby. She will be coming July 2nd to the REI nearest me.

5. Flight of the Concords. Juno. Funny. Funny.

6. Pleasant Grove Rodeo-awesome! Strawberries and Cream- yum!

I have had an awesome two weeks. Although, I already miss having a constant playmate around.

Tomorrow I am off to Colorado. It's really tough being a teacher at the moment. ;)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood

Saturday was the BIG day! It was full of firsts! Here are some firsts (as well as other funny things that happened).....

- It was freezing COLD. When we started the ride it was 44 degrees. It heated up to 59 as the high for the day! Brrrr....

- 5 miles into the ride we were hit with rain that turned into HAIL! Ouch!

- 7 miles into the ride my bike broke. It took 5 different SAG wagons (and other people to help) to find the right tool to fix my bike. That took about 45 minutes. Not a good start (not to mention that we started 30 min. late). Luckily, they were able to fix it!

- Unfortunately, we missed the 100 mile cut off (we needed to be to a certain city by 11:00 in order to go on the 100 mile route) by about 10 minutes. So we ended up riding 80 miles. But, that's OK because we had a head wind about 70% of the time.

- The ride was beautiful! Cache Valley is so pretty.

- We had a great time! I can't wait to do another ride (just as soon as my rear end can stand to SIT on a bike seat)....