Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guys: What TO do.

LOTS has happened since my last installment of 'What NOT to do'. I feel pretty bad having such a man hating post up for so long, especially since I am ANYTHING but a MAN hater. For those that don't know.... I have met and am DATING (yeah you read that right) a FABULOUS man. (That's why I haven't been around much. My mind's been in LaLa Land.)

I will refer to him as 'Mister-Perfect-For-Me' (MPFM). We met on a blind date. It was one of those dates that happen like this...

"My sister is single."
"Oh really?! My brother-in-law in single. They would be perfect for each other."
"Let's set them up on a DATE".

Most of the time, those don't really turn out so well. But, I do always give blind dates a chance....hoping that one time it will work out. AND this particular time IT DID WORK OUT. It was the BEST blind date and probably the BEST FIRST date I have ever been on. I have never been a believer in blind dates, but I guess you only need one to work out.

Here's my installment of 'WHAT TO DO' (as learned from MPFM winning my heart):
  1. Be yourself. There is nothing more attractive to a person of the opposite sex than being YOU. If they don't like YOU, they aren't worth it and then you need to find someone that likes YOU.
  2. Be interested. Ask Questions. Make good conversation.
  3. Don't be scared to let someone how you feel about them. I have never had to wonder how MPFM felt about me.
  4. Be open and honest. (A little coyness at first is OK. I still am a big believer in MYSTERY at the beginning of a relationship).
  5. Eye contact. Maintain it. Not in a creepy, I-am-staring-at-your-soul kind of way, just in a I-care-about-you sort of way.
  6. GUYS: ASK GIRLS on DATES. This isn't new, at least you wouldn't think this was a new idea. But, so little guys actually go on dates.
  7. Be a gentleman. Open doors, lead them into a room with a gentle touch on the lower part of your back (I love that!). You know real "Humphrey Bogart type stuff" (name the movie?! The Proposal).
  8. Be passionate about something. Whatever it is. Get a HOBBY.
  9. Make sure they bring out the best in you. Bring out the best in them.
  10. Be happy. Smile. Have fun.
These are all super general, I realize. These don't really show how MPFM is in fact PERFECT for Me. I wanted to make this list usable to all. I mean... You all aren't me. So what's good for me, may not be good for you. You have to find your OWN MPFM. I know that I have found mine.

To Be Continued.......