Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Do! Or is it Du?! Or Due?!

I know that you all have been DYING to hear from me. It's probably killing you all that you HAVEN'T heard from me in a while. :)

What's new with me, you ask? Well I got a new haircut (snooze, yawn etc.). As you can tell it's going to be an exciting post! Yay! New haircut. :)

Here you go....some pics of the new me. I including straight and curly pics. Although it's short (I can't even put it into a pony tail), it's still pretty versatile. Thanks to Rachie for my new look. I think that she is pretty talented!

Funny Comments by Students: (Most said really nice things about my hair cut, but a few said some funny things. I don't think that they were being intentionally rude, but their comments sure came out that way!)
  1. You chopped your hair!?! It's so short. (So you are saying that it's TOO short?!)
  2. You cut your hair. I like it though..... (Said with some obligation)
  3. Conversation between me (Miss Castle or MC) and Student (S).

S- WHO cut your hair?!

MC- My Little Sister did.

S- Why did you cut it?

MC - I was bored with it and wanted a
change, so I let my sister do whatever she wanted to.

S- THAT was a
mistake. I would never let my sister have free reign on my
hair. (So, you are saying that I should NOT have let my sister
have free reign?!)

Here are some pics from the ward Halloween party last week. I was going to be a sailor...but I didn't like my costume. So, the gang banger was a last resort costume. The pirate is my new roomie (OK not that new), Jamie.