Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MPFM is going to be my EC!

That's right. If you know "NICA" lingo... you'll know what that means. I will translate for those of you that don't speak Nicaese.

Mr.- Perfect- For- Me is going to be my ETERNAL COMPANION!

Woot woot!
It's official! He proposed Friday night. It was (in my opinion) THE best surprise EVER.

Here's how it happened.

I was going about my business like usual (which translates into SHOPPING). He calls at 8pm for our nightly talk. I wasn't quite home from running errands (in fact I had to squeeze Joann's in before I went home). Since I was a little late to our "appointment", we start talking on my way home. Once I get home, he tells me that there is a comet and that I should go check it out. So I walk outside to see this so called comet. I look up and don't see anything. I ask for more specific directions as to where I should be looking, and he tells me to look Southwest. So I look southwest and there I see....

MPFM, carrying hot pink roses, walking down the sidewalk towards me!
My heart stopped.

I was SO SHOCKED to see him. I was SO confused. What was he doing in Arizona? How did he get here? Did he drive? Did he fly? I was asking all sorts of questions about how he got to AZ and to my house! Right then, my roommate and her fiance got home and pulled up right next to us. (He was going to get down on his knee and propose right then). Since he couldn't because they were there... he waited until we got inside and we were alone, then he got down on one knee, pulled out a ring box and asked if I would marry him!!!

I, of course, said YES!

So MPFM and I are getting HITCHED! Yipeeeee!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guys: What TO do.

LOTS has happened since my last installment of 'What NOT to do'. I feel pretty bad having such a man hating post up for so long, especially since I am ANYTHING but a MAN hater. For those that don't know.... I have met and am DATING (yeah you read that right) a FABULOUS man. (That's why I haven't been around much. My mind's been in LaLa Land.)

I will refer to him as 'Mister-Perfect-For-Me' (MPFM). We met on a blind date. It was one of those dates that happen like this...

"My sister is single."
"Oh really?! My brother-in-law in single. They would be perfect for each other."
"Let's set them up on a DATE".

Most of the time, those don't really turn out so well. But, I do always give blind dates a chance....hoping that one time it will work out. AND this particular time IT DID WORK OUT. It was the BEST blind date and probably the BEST FIRST date I have ever been on. I have never been a believer in blind dates, but I guess you only need one to work out.

Here's my installment of 'WHAT TO DO' (as learned from MPFM winning my heart):
  1. Be yourself. There is nothing more attractive to a person of the opposite sex than being YOU. If they don't like YOU, they aren't worth it and then you need to find someone that likes YOU.
  2. Be interested. Ask Questions. Make good conversation.
  3. Don't be scared to let someone how you feel about them. I have never had to wonder how MPFM felt about me.
  4. Be open and honest. (A little coyness at first is OK. I still am a big believer in MYSTERY at the beginning of a relationship).
  5. Eye contact. Maintain it. Not in a creepy, I-am-staring-at-your-soul kind of way, just in a I-care-about-you sort of way.
  6. GUYS: ASK GIRLS on DATES. This isn't new, at least you wouldn't think this was a new idea. But, so little guys actually go on dates.
  7. Be a gentleman. Open doors, lead them into a room with a gentle touch on the lower part of your back (I love that!). You know real "Humphrey Bogart type stuff" (name the movie?! The Proposal).
  8. Be passionate about something. Whatever it is. Get a HOBBY.
  9. Make sure they bring out the best in you. Bring out the best in them.
  10. Be happy. Smile. Have fun.
These are all super general, I realize. These don't really show how MPFM is in fact PERFECT for Me. I wanted to make this list usable to all. I mean... You all aren't me. So what's good for me, may not be good for you. You have to find your OWN MPFM. I know that I have found mine.

To Be Continued.......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help! I have been "VIC"timized

What not to do #3

Don't be a player. Enough said. Don't use smooth lines on more than one girl at a time, don't watch a movie and kiss one girl, and then call the other one over when girl #1 leaves, don't tell a girl that she's cute but would look cuter with a ring on her left finger (on the first date) and DON'T repeat that same line to another girl....ESPECIALLY if they know each other. Sheesh. How hard can this be?! Apparently, it's a lot harder than one would think.

So...this is a good story. When I compile all of my dating stories into a book, this story will make it a best seller. (As a side note, the book will not be completed until there is a happy ending to my fairytale.) So condensed version of the story (I can't tell it all here...then you WON'T buy my book).

Cute, fun, almost 30 year old is doing one of her favorite things after work one Friday...SHOPPING! She sees this guy checkin' her out. She flashes a smile, he jumps all over that and 10 seconds later they are exchanging phone numbers. He's a smooth talker, saying what a great smile she has, and how cute her freckles are (HOW can a girl NOT love this?!). They start a "romantic" (I am being sarcastic here folks) relationship over texting. He's oh so mushy gushy to a girl he doesn't even know...calling her cutie, sweetie, gorgeous etc. etc. I will wait for you to get a napkin to clean the vomit off of your computer. ..waiting.....

So, this almost 30 year old can see that this dude is quite a charmer, doesn't believe all of this sweet talking but definitely is flattered by all of it. Her "this-guy-probably-is-a-freak-o" radar is going off (she has a very refined one of those). She does some research (google and are her best friends). Nothing comes up. So... shes' thinking 'Why not give this dude a chance. I mean- what if it turned into something?'

So they go out to eat. He is very fun, easy to talk to, and flattering--- as all get out. A couple days later she goes over to his house to watch a movie. They may have kissed during this movie (It's hard to say). During the movie he's saying how much he wants to see her this weekend and he really wants her to make time for him. She leaves around 11:30.

Friday doesn't contact her. Saturday doesn't contact her. She could have opened up her schedule for him but how would he know?! He hasn't contacted her. (CLUE #1 million that he's a PLAYER). Finally she makes plans with her girlfriends for Saturday night. If he calls, she's busy. Girls start talking, as they so often do, and the story of this smooth talkin' dude comes out of the almost 30 year olds mouth. One of the other girls in the bunch thinks that all of this is sounding familiar. ESPECIALLY when she says the name....VIC.

That's right folks. Our dear friend, VIC, was calling and charming ME and all the while he was calling and charming Rachelle. In fact, after I left his house after the movie at 11:30 pm he called Rachelle to come over. I am sure that he thought it was pretty safe since he thought we didn't know each other. But, the Mormon world is really small and girls talk a lot. Sounds like he should have done a little more research.

This is a full on player! Like the ones that you see in the movies. I didn't know that they actually existed and that I would actually run into one. But, I did. I am so grateful that I figured this out before getting sweet talked for much longer.

There are lots of what not to do's from the following situation.

1. Don't be a player. Duh.
2. Don't say sweet things to a girl (unless you are sincere). She can tell if you aren't being sincere.
3. If you are going to play multiple girls- Do your research. Find out who they know and hang out with and talk to.

1. Don't meet a guy at the mall. Especially Arizona Mills Mall. Enough said.
2. (this is a WHAT TO DO) Trust your instincts. If you feel like you are being played or "VIC"timized, like I was, chances are... YOU ARE and you should RUN away. Fast. Especially if his name is
VIC Sanabia.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beginning of a BEAUTIFUL thing

I am starting a new advice section of my blog. It's a spin on a great TLC show "What Not To Wear". (Which BTW is an awesome show and I really want to be on it. Feel free to nominate me...I promise I won't get offended). I mean, really, the show is all about taking YOU when you are not looking your best and taking your shape, size, coloring, likes and dislikes into consideration and making YOU into the BEST YOU possible. It's awesome.

Well that's what I am dedicating some of my posts to. But, instead of "What Not to Wear" it's going to be "What Not To Do". It's purpose you ask?! To let all of the guys know (cuz I know there are SO many of them that read my blog) that I realize sometimes you may not have your best manners always out but when you don't you make yourself look really bad to potential FECs (Future Eternal Companions). SO I am going to be YOUR own personal Stacey.

What Not to Do #1
See previous post. Bacon Man. Don't tell any girl that she looks like a girl that likes bacon. Enough said.

What Not to Do #2

Watch stalker behaviors. It typically freaks girls out! I.E. Don't meet a girl on facebook, start chatting with her, call her, tell her how gorgeous she is multiple times (girls like this...but NOT when you just "meet" online and have no history together), and ask her to send you a picture of her to your phone 2 times within 2 days (what exactly are you going to do with that picture, Sir?) . I thought I was out of the clear when I didn't answer 2 of his calls last week. BOY was I wrong. He called tonight (a week later), I answered (I figured I could talk to him once a week) but I was in the middle of trying clothes on. So, I told him I'd call him back in a few minutes, which I did. To my astonishment (and relief), he didn't answer. So, I quickly returned another phone call. He then proceeded to call me back not once, not twice, not thrice.....SEVEN times in a matter of 30 minutes. Did I forget to mention that he left one voice message and one text in those 30 minutes?!
Hey Babe sorry i missed your call but go head and call be back when u get this text :)

1. I am not your "babe"
2. I think that I got the hint. I will call you back when I am not busy and can chat.
3. Get a life!

Other stalker behaviors include (but definitely are not limited) to:
- Calling once a day for 6 months, leaving messages every time and never getting a call back (this DID happen to me a few years ago)
- Taking a girl, on a first date to Saguaro Lake, at night, alone and then commenting on how "trusting" she is to let you take her to a secluded lake in the middle of the night. Creepy!?! I think so.

***PS***Some "Stalking" behaviors can be flattering, IF THE GIRL LIKES YOU. But, if she doesn't like you, or if you have NO relationship at all, it WILL freak her out. If you are ever in doubt, please email me and I will will let you know what I think. I have had plenty of creepy, stalker experiences to know what is OK and what is not OK.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Has it been 4 months?!

I am so sorry to all of my fans (I KNOW that you are all still out there, right?!)....I have been so MIA.

To catch you up...the ankle is Finally feeling much better. I can walk normal (at least I think I don't walk with a limp anymore), but it took lots of work (15 times of physical therapy). But, I am glad to be normal again.

Ankle's enough of that! Here are some highlights of the last 4 months:

***** I have had some pretty awesome nicknames at school from my students here are a couple of them: (some are a couple of years old)
- JO'prah (I get this when I ask personal questions or give advice on life)
- Kim-Jong-Jen (as opposed to Kim Jong Ill, the dictator of N. Korea)
- Miss Castro (as in Fidel. Apparently I can be a dictator at times?!)
- XCastleX. I don't even know what that means?!

****April Fools Jokes:

I got magnetic bumper stickers and put them on my guy friends cars...."I am speeding because I have to poop" "Roadrage Princess" "I love soccer moms" "I am not wearing pants" and "Support Vampires". I do have to say that each fit guy perfectly. I almost got caught.....on my way to their house, one of them called me because he saw me driving. Oops! Luckily I wasn't caught.

****You wonder why I am still single:
I go to institute all charged up ready to be fun and social, meet new people and be cute and fun. I walk in, start talking to a cute guy and this is the conversation that ensued....

J: Oh they are serving breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast for dinner! (If you can't find something else to talk about you can always fall back on the weather or food)

You like breakfast for dinner?

Oh yeah! It's the best!

Do you like bacon?

Sure, I like bacon.

You look like a girl that likes bacon.

[Speechless/Stunned] I don't even know what that means?! (Dude....I hope that you don't wonder why you are still single. Ummm. Wow. )

Next time it won't be 4 months. I promise! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Doh! Revised.

The last entry "Doh!" seems silly now. THE real DOH!! happened. Bashing my head in and getting prego (fake, of course) has nothing on this "Doh!". I sprained my ankle really badly 18 days ago.

(This picture was taken 14 days after the sprain. I am bruised all the way up to my knee!)

How did it happen, you ask? Well....

See that "hill" at the end?! Well, I climbed to the top (probably 6+ feet) and lost my balance. I slid down the hill, tried to catch myself, my foot went in, my leg went out and I heard two loud pops. And then felt the surge of pain....

This was taken about a week after. Compare the ankles. :)

This was taken today. 18 days after it happened. It's been iced and elevated constantly and not much is changing....sigh.

The TLC is now my best friend (along with the crutches AND boot).

I have realized SO many things that I am thankful for through this fun experience.

#1 I am grateful for a healthy body that can allow me to do SO much. I am grateful for two feet and two legs.

#2 I am SO eternally grateful for Christlike friends and family. My parents were able to come down for a few days right after it happened. It was SO wonderful. I love my parents so much. My roommate Jamie is so kind. She is always helping me and does SO much! My siblings were great when I went home for Thanksgiving, they served me constantly. My ward has been amazing and supportive. I am surrounded by GREAT, charitable, Christ-like people. Thank you!!

#3 I am grateful that this happened this time of year. I have breaks all of the time. I don't have to take the time off of work and yet I have so much time to rest, elevate, ice and heal!

#4 I am grateful for cars! I can't wait to drive one again...someday.

It's been a major DOH!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


It's probably time that I share two things with the rest of the blogging world. I haven't seen some of you in a while, so they may be shocking to you!

Item #1

This happened 2 minutes before 1st hour started on Monday. I bent over and rammed my head into a wire shelf which proceeded to scrape the top layer of skin off my forehead. Although, it does feel bruised. SO, maybe I did more than scrape the top layer off.... DOH!

Item #2

This was a definite DOH! I know it may be shocking to most of you. You thought I was a good Mormon girl. Well, I got news for you! Wendy said she wanted grand babies from me and she got them (2 of them to be precise!).

*To clarify. I AM still a good Mormon girl. Wendy does not have any grand babies from me, yet. This was another Halloween costume.... I was a "Utah Mom". Complete with shade shirt, large over-the-top jewelry, a button that said "Make $$ from home, ask ME how", LARGE hair, a 7th month old baby and 6th months prego. (I might add that everything to become a "Utah Mom" came straight from my own closet. I am not quite sure what that says about me....)

As a side note, my baby was an electronic baby from school. It was on (these things are super smart). They cry for care (feeding, diapers, fussy etc.) JUST like normal babies. The head must be supported the entire time JUST like a normal baby. IT wakes up in the middle of the night, JUST like a normal baby. I thought that it would add to the 'coolness' of my costume by turning my baby on. So, it was on the entire night. THE entire night. Needless to say, I got a 24% on my baby. DOH! Good thing it's NOT a normal baby. Sorry Wendy, it may be even longer before you get grand babies from me!!!