Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We celebrated my birthday a little early (since I will be in UT over my real birthday). I have never had a Barbie Birthday. 29 is a good year to celebrate Barbie Style! All were to dress up as their favorite Barbie or Ken. Here are some good ones: Dream Date Barbie (and Ken), Ken Bond 007, Woodcutter Ken, Golf Ken, DTR Ken, Emo Barbie, Pregnant Prom Queen Barbie, Bollywood Barbie, Summer Lovin' Barbie, GI Jane, and Malibu Barbie.

Look, We had a great time:

Friday, May 2, 2008

This one's for you Heidi!

This post is for my biggest fan, Heidi! I haven't posted anything in about 2 months and she has been the only one to notice or care! Thanks, Heidi! ;)

To those of you that are feeling guilty, I am over it! I have been SO super busy that I haven't looked at your blogs either....meaning if there are babies announced- I don't know about them, if you got married--I don't know about that, if you took over the world--I may not know about that either! So hopefully we can forgive each other. I will try to be a better blogger....and let's be honest, I am going to be "unemployed" in about 12 days (YAY!!) so I will be way better!

It's hard to play catch up over two months period (this is probably why I try to journal as often as possible. If I wait for two months or longer, I have SO much to catch up on it is overwhelming). So, I will take baby steps back into the blogging world.

#1. I am training for a century bike ride (100 miles). It's the Little Red Riding Hood in Logan Utah on June 7. As part of my training I went 47 miles today--yikes! I am pretty excited about this. Although, I am really nervous about the altitude change. THAT may kill me.

#2 April 1- April 15....I spent about 45 hours working on a University of Phoenix class (a three credit class done in about 3 weeks). I was crazy busy. I would go to work, then come home and work on this class for 5-6 hours a night. I had to take it in order to re-certify this July. I am glad that is over!

#3 I am going to girls craft weekend with My Mom, Sisters, Cousins, Aunts etc. in a few weeks in New Harmony, Utah. I am SO looking forward to that! It will be a blast.

#4 I wish that I had some good guy stories to report....but, I better not (you never know who reads these things). But, I will say that I scared a guy off and he moved back to Utah (unexpectedly) after one date with me. We went out, had a good time and then two days later randomly decided to move back to Utah. I am pretty sure that he didn't want to be flipped- so he ran! :) Hehe. (If you don't know what I am talking about refer to a Post called "Spatula City").

This is as much as I can do today. But, start coming more regularly again because........ I AM BACK!