Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MPFM is going to be my EC!

That's right. If you know "NICA" lingo... you'll know what that means. I will translate for those of you that don't speak Nicaese.

Mr.- Perfect- For- Me is going to be my ETERNAL COMPANION!

Woot woot!
It's official! He proposed Friday night. It was (in my opinion) THE best surprise EVER.

Here's how it happened.

I was going about my business like usual (which translates into SHOPPING). He calls at 8pm for our nightly talk. I wasn't quite home from running errands (in fact I had to squeeze Joann's in before I went home). Since I was a little late to our "appointment", we start talking on my way home. Once I get home, he tells me that there is a comet and that I should go check it out. So I walk outside to see this so called comet. I look up and don't see anything. I ask for more specific directions as to where I should be looking, and he tells me to look Southwest. So I look southwest and there I see....

MPFM, carrying hot pink roses, walking down the sidewalk towards me!
My heart stopped.

I was SO SHOCKED to see him. I was SO confused. What was he doing in Arizona? How did he get here? Did he drive? Did he fly? I was asking all sorts of questions about how he got to AZ and to my house! Right then, my roommate and her fiance got home and pulled up right next to us. (He was going to get down on his knee and propose right then). Since he couldn't because they were there... he waited until we got inside and we were alone, then he got down on one knee, pulled out a ring box and asked if I would marry him!!!

I, of course, said YES!

So MPFM and I are getting HITCHED! Yipeeeee!