Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help! I have been "VIC"timized

What not to do #3

Don't be a player. Enough said. Don't use smooth lines on more than one girl at a time, don't watch a movie and kiss one girl, and then call the other one over when girl #1 leaves, don't tell a girl that she's cute but would look cuter with a ring on her left finger (on the first date) and DON'T repeat that same line to another girl....ESPECIALLY if they know each other. Sheesh. How hard can this be?! Apparently, it's a lot harder than one would think.

So...this is a good story. When I compile all of my dating stories into a book, this story will make it a best seller. (As a side note, the book will not be completed until there is a happy ending to my fairytale.) So condensed version of the story (I can't tell it all here...then you WON'T buy my book).

Cute, fun, almost 30 year old is doing one of her favorite things after work one Friday...SHOPPING! She sees this guy checkin' her out. She flashes a smile, he jumps all over that and 10 seconds later they are exchanging phone numbers. He's a smooth talker, saying what a great smile she has, and how cute her freckles are (HOW can a girl NOT love this?!). They start a "romantic" (I am being sarcastic here folks) relationship over texting. He's oh so mushy gushy to a girl he doesn't even know...calling her cutie, sweetie, gorgeous etc. etc. I will wait for you to get a napkin to clean the vomit off of your computer. ..waiting.....

So, this almost 30 year old can see that this dude is quite a charmer, doesn't believe all of this sweet talking but definitely is flattered by all of it. Her "this-guy-probably-is-a-freak-o" radar is going off (she has a very refined one of those). She does some research (google and are her best friends). Nothing comes up. So... shes' thinking 'Why not give this dude a chance. I mean- what if it turned into something?'

So they go out to eat. He is very fun, easy to talk to, and flattering--- as all get out. A couple days later she goes over to his house to watch a movie. They may have kissed during this movie (It's hard to say). During the movie he's saying how much he wants to see her this weekend and he really wants her to make time for him. She leaves around 11:30.

Friday doesn't contact her. Saturday doesn't contact her. She could have opened up her schedule for him but how would he know?! He hasn't contacted her. (CLUE #1 million that he's a PLAYER). Finally she makes plans with her girlfriends for Saturday night. If he calls, she's busy. Girls start talking, as they so often do, and the story of this smooth talkin' dude comes out of the almost 30 year olds mouth. One of the other girls in the bunch thinks that all of this is sounding familiar. ESPECIALLY when she says the name....VIC.

That's right folks. Our dear friend, VIC, was calling and charming ME and all the while he was calling and charming Rachelle. In fact, after I left his house after the movie at 11:30 pm he called Rachelle to come over. I am sure that he thought it was pretty safe since he thought we didn't know each other. But, the Mormon world is really small and girls talk a lot. Sounds like he should have done a little more research.

This is a full on player! Like the ones that you see in the movies. I didn't know that they actually existed and that I would actually run into one. But, I did. I am so grateful that I figured this out before getting sweet talked for much longer.

There are lots of what not to do's from the following situation.

1. Don't be a player. Duh.
2. Don't say sweet things to a girl (unless you are sincere). She can tell if you aren't being sincere.
3. If you are going to play multiple girls- Do your research. Find out who they know and hang out with and talk to.

1. Don't meet a guy at the mall. Especially Arizona Mills Mall. Enough said.
2. (this is a WHAT TO DO) Trust your instincts. If you feel like you are being played or "VIC"timized, like I was, chances are... YOU ARE and you should RUN away. Fast. Especially if his name is
VIC Sanabia.